Welcome to this unique Bed & Breakfast in the quiet back country of Lake Constance.

The historic Fischerhaus was built around the end of the 18th century, it was completely restored in 2016 and then decorated with historic furniture and paintings. The Bed & Breakfast has five cozy double rooms with spacious and special bathrooms.

In the morning a delicious breakfast is served in the romantic dining room.

The following activities can inspire your day:

You can go hiking or cycling directly from the house, in a landscape characterised by the Linzgau with its drum lins, orchards, mixed forests and agricultural areas.

Cycling along the Prälatenweg with its many fish ponds, you can reach the Birnau on Lake Constance without crossing large or busy roads.

Culturally, the surrounding area offers many attractions: Salem castle, Mainau castle, Meersburg castle and Heiligenberg.

The Affenberg Salem (Monkey Hill) or the Tractor museum are popular destinations too.


Schule Schloss Salem

Just 2,8 km from the castle, the Bed & Breakfast is ideally located for parents and friends to bring their 

children back to school.


Coronavirus Covid 19

We are confident that the measures taken by the authorities will adequately contain the spread of the coronavirus, with the result that we can all return to our normal daily lives in due course.

We have high hopes for the future and look forward to the times when the Fischerhaus is once again operating as usual. You can continue to reach us by phone at +49 7553 2194888 or by email: info@fischerhaus-salem.de

Take good care and stay healthy !